James Wilsenach

DPhil Student
Department of Statistics
University of Oxford

You can find me in my office 2.20 in the Department of Statistics, 24 – 29 St Giles’, Oxford, OX1 3LB.

My research interests are the application of mathematical methods to biological and neuroscientific connectivity data. More specific research topics include

  • community detection & statistical inference in networks
  • computational neuroscience and neuroimaging
  • brain-computer interfaces
  • ecology and evolution

Currently, I am supervised jointly by Charlotte Deane (Statistics, University Oxford) and Gesine Reinert (Statistics, University Oxford).

During my masters thesis, Differential Network Analysis of the Neocortex in Development and Ageing, I was supervised by Dr Ian Simpson (Informatics, University of Edinburgh).

My BScHons thesis, Evolutionary Fields Can Explain Patterns of High Dimensional Complexity in Ecology, was supervised by Dr Cang Hui (Mathematics, University of Stellenbosch) and Dr Pietro Landi (Mathematics, University of Stellenbosch).

If you are interested in proteins and neuroinformtics, please see our blog BLOPIG.

Academic CV (Dec 2019)